Apartments are NOT a Problem!

Ship your online purchases to us so that you never miss another delivery ever again! If you live in an apartment, or a neighbourhood with community mailboxes, you know the frustration of having anything shipped to you! If you are not home when they arrive, they slap a sticker on and make you come to […]

Gopher Beginnings

This picture is not just of two amazing Boss Babes!  It is a quick meeting with the VERY FIRST Gopher It client!  Let’s walk down memory lane…. The year is 2016. Josh and Jenn Hayward and their three kids are living life to the fullest, or at least playing a lot of candy crush!  Then one day some […]

Name That Gopher!!

Gopher Contest of The Month! Look at our newest employee!  We found him while thrift shopping!  We love him but are not sure what to name him?  Can you help? Please provide a name submission below and the chosen name will win a $50 gift certificate from Battery Up Bakery!  If multiple people submit the […]